About Snowy River Caravans

Snowy River Caravans has quickly become one of the leading caravan brands in Australia. Since launching in 2015 we have won numerous awards for our innovative designs and high-quality craftsmanship, including the “Best Value for Money” Award from 2019 to 2022.

We manufacture our wide range of affordable yet stylish caravans with exceptional build quality which is backed by first-class customer service.

The Snowy River Caravans range of caravans suit all budgets and needs. From small couples caravans to family-friendly tourers, there are layout options to suit every traveller and adventurer. With a reputation for customer satisfaction, we provide an outstanding level of service and support that has seen us become one of Australia’s leading caravan brands.

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Snowy River Caravans has been travelling around the local scene for a while now with our first van sold to the public in April 2016. Development into this venture has been extended and assiduous to get to where we are now. It all began when the Chinese-owned Zhejiang Daide Longcui Automobile Co., Ltd. (Daide Auto, Longtree); a subsidiary of New Gonow Group bought Regent Caravans in 2015 and set about expanding the portfolio with a new brand to be built in their huge facility in China. To oversee the project Snowy River Caravans secured the services of Regent Caravans extensive in-house knowledge who helped develop the Snowy River brand with local conditions and savvy Australian customers in mind.

The team realised they would be dealing with a wary Australian public and needed a commitment to innovation and quality, so, with this as their charter, a blank sheet was given to the design team. The result is a range of vans built using fibreglass reinforced composite wall panels on an internal structure of an aluminium frame and XPS insulation foam. These walls are bonded and fixed to single piece 40mm floor and 42mm roof to form a stable monocoque body. This is set on an dura-gal steel chassis with a semi-independent suspension to complete a well-proportioned and robust structure.

The bonding process of the wall panels took eight months to perfect and was only achieved after a USA made vacuum press was imported to the Chinese factory. At the same time, the designers were at work enhancing the smooth look of the exterior panels for a sporty look that matches the adventurous construction.

The bodies of the vans are constructed in China and shipped on their chassis to Snowy River’s Somerton facility alongside the Regent production line, where appliances are installed and the suspension is fitted. Electrical wiring is then completed to CE certification and the water supply is finalised to Australian Watermark standards.

Our finished vans are available in various layouts to suit the needs of our customers.

One of the Fastest Growing Caravan Manufacturers in Australia

It all began when the Chinese-owned Zhejiang Daide Longcui Automobile Co., Ltd. (Daide Auto, Longtree), a subsidiary of New Gonow Group, bought Regent Caravans in 2015 and set about expanding the portfolio with a new brand for the Australian Market.

The extensive in-house knowledge and experience of the Regent Caravans team helped develop the Snowy River Caravans brand with local conditions and savvy Australian customers in mind.

Initially, there was a bit of a stigma associated with the “Built-in China” label, but once buyers began to see and understand the improvements in build quality, that the caravans were built to Australian standards and heard favourable feedback from existing owners, demand picked up rapidly.

By 2018 we had moved from four vans a week, to six to eight and into a new factory to keep up with demand.

At that stage, we had built a national dealer network and extensive service network to back our caravans and customers.

By 2021 our Melbourne factory employed over 130 people, making it one of the largest caravan factories in Campbellfield – the home of Australian caravan manufacturing!

In 2022, again we outgrew our factory and opened a second factory in Somerton.

2022 also saw us expand our range adding multi-terrain caravans and pop-tops to the lineup and to reflect expand our marketing beyond the industry to sponsor James Courtney’s Ford Mustang in the Supercars

Regent Caravans was formed in November 1991.

The spirit of adventure coupled with the love of the great outdoors is part of Australia’s DNA. Established in Melbourne in 1991, Regent Caravans was borne from a humble and small family operation with a fondness for travel.  Their sole desire was to help Australian families share unforgettable holiday experiences and destinations.

From the mighty outback to our glorious coastline, Australians are blessed with the choice to explore and holiday at every opportunity and Regent has proudly been part of that journey. Over the years, Regent Caravan designs and functionality have remained true to form… providing Australians with a premium caravan experience without sacrificing creature comforts. In 2015 the company was acquired by the New Gonow Group (China) with a global reputation in caravan and motorhome design and build quality. Australians can now benefit from state-of-the-art manufacturing and construction as well as an ever-expanding range of affordable caravans.

As an example, effective 2021 Regent evolved from using archaic and problematic wood construction to the all-new full composite sandwich panel construction.  This advanced technology is beyond reach for most local caravan manufacturers.

Our Melbourne assembly plant proudly employs over 100 people, each dedicated to continuous quality improvement customer service. 

We look forward to the next 30 years and may the spirit of adventure continue…  

Why Are So Many Buyers Choosing Snowy River Caravans?

There are many reasons why Snowy River Caravans is finding itself at the top of buyers shopping lists. Here are just a few:

Exceptional Build Quality and Attention to Detail

Our caravans are built to last with fibreglass reinforced composite wall panels, an aluminium frame, and XPS insulation foam sandwich panels. These walls are bonded and fixed to a single piece 40mm floor and 42mm roof to form an incredibly strong, self-supporting body.

These caravan bodies are constructed using this state-of-the-art method in China and then shipped on their chassis to the Snowy River and Regent Caravans Somerton facilities.

Once in Somerton, appliances are installed, the suspension is fitted, electrical wiring is completed to CE certification, and the water supply is finalised to Australian Watermark standards. 

We Are Partnered With Leading Suppliers

All Snowy River Caravans come standard with a range of features supplied by industry leaders and are designed to make your travels more comfortable, safe and enjoyable. 

A Wide Range of Caravan Types to Choose From

There are Snowy River Caravans models for everyone! Our layouts range from small caravans for the solo traveller or couple to bunk vans with enough space for large families. We even offer slide-out caravans for those who like a little extra space.

Superior Customer Service and Support

Customer service and support are at the heart of the Snowy River Caravans brand. As most travellers know, things don’t always go according to plan. We are committed to help if something happens to your van.

With around 40 authorised repair centres nationwide including our network of caravan dealers, our active owners group for troubleshooting issues, as well as a dedicated warranty team, rest assured that we back our caravans and our customers. 

Awards Winning Caravans

Our caravans are built using modern design methods and use some of the best appliances on the market, all for an unbeatable price. Snowy River Caravans competed against some of the top Australian brands for the Caravan of the Year – Best Value for Money award and won 2019-2022!

Our Owners Love Snowy River Caravans

While we love the recognition from industry publications, it’s our owners that are living and holidaying in our caravans and making memories that will last a lifetime. Check out the Snowy River Caravans Reviews on Google, or watch some of the owner reviews from our Owner Meetup in 2021 and see why they love us!

Why not join the owners group on Facebook. Meet, talk and make new friends with other Snowy Owners. The Group also arranges regular meet ups. 

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