Snowy River Caravans are RVMAP Accredited Manufacturers

Snowy River Caravans are now an RVMAP Accredited Manufacturer! This means that our team and production process have successfully demonstrated our compliance with the Recreational Vehicle Manufacturing Accreditation Program (RVMAP), and will soon start displaying the RVMAP badge. To obtain this highly-regarded accreditation, applicants must undergo a comprehensive review process, ensuring that we meet or exceed all industry standards.
“We are proud to be able to display the RVMAP International badge on our products.” said CEO of RegentRV, Mr Andrew Crank.

“This is recognition of the commitment of our business to uphold the standards applied to the RVMAP program. As a company we take pride in our workmanship and dedication in providing quality Recreational Vehicles for the Australian and New Zealand markets. Our SRC21 has won 2019-2022 Caravan of The Year: Best Value for Money Caravan. Our design and quality DNA is carried across all our products. The RVMAP International badge is a testament to our commitment to becoming a market leader in the caravan industry”.

One of the many reasons Snowy River Caravans is the perfect choice for your next caravan purchase is this commitment to excellence.

What is RVMAP Accreditation?

The Caravan Industry Association of Australia (CIAA) runs a voluntary industry program for caravan, motorhome and camper trailer manufacturers called RVMAP, and successful applicants display the RVMAP badge.
To become a member, RV companies must meet strict requirements that include agreeing to a rigorous inspection regimen, complying with all relevant Australian Design Rules and Federal Compliance Regulations, and demonstrating the highest ideals and standards in the industry.
When you buy from a manufacturer displaying the RVMAP badge, you know that their products are regularly inspected against this guarantee. This will provide our customers peace of mind that our Australian Assembled Caravans meet or exceed industry requirements.

What is the Caravan Industry Association of Australia (CIAA)?

The Caravan Industry Association of Australia (CIAA) is a not-for-profit organization that works with state associations to educate and promote safe practices within the industry.
Their vision is, “To lead and champion a safe, compliant and sustainable caravanning and camping industry in Australia”. This is in part why they run RVMAP, to give caravanners confidence when buying a caravan.
You can read more about the CIAA and RVMAP at

What Does it Take to Get the RVMAP Badge?

To get the RVMAP badge accreditation key, RV manufacturers start by supplying a caravan for an extensive inspection. Once it’s demonstrated that Australian Design Rules and Federal Compliance Regulations are met and the applicant proves they can systematically produce compliant caravans, the manufacturer can sign up for the RVMAP program.
Once they have done so, the participating business displays the accreditation key on their caravans and the CIAA conducts regular and random inspections at the factory, dealerships, and tradeshows.

What do RVMAP Inspections Include?

Manufacturers have their caravans checked against over 250 Australian Standards to ensure that they are safe and compliant. These standards cover everything from the materials used in construction to the safety features of the caravan. By adhering to these standards, RVMAP accredited businesses can provide customers with peace of mind that their caravan is of the highest standard.

How Frequent are RVMAP Inspections?

The CIAA requires that all RVMAP manufacturers are subject to full inspections two times a year at their factory and agree to other random inspections throughout the year, which focus on common issues detected through this program.
In addition to our regular inspections, RVMAP also conducts random inspections at retail dealerships and caravan shows.

Snowy River Caravans - Becoming Market Leaders

Snowy River Caravans are committed to becoming market leaders, which is now reflected in our RVMAP accreditation. Choosing to wear the RVMAP badge shows our customers that we are working with the Caravan Industry Association of Australia and State Associations to improve industry standards and our own caravan production.
We are proud to be part of the RVMAP program and to offer our customers caravans that have been through rigorous testing to ensure they are safe and compliant.

If you’re looking to buy a caravan, looking for the RVMAP key is a great place to start. For more tips and advice, check out our caravan buyers guide and caravan towing weights guide, or subscribe to our newsletter below.