Touring Caravans

See Australia With Your Partner in a Snowy River Touring Caravan

At Snowy River, we offer a range of touring caravans that are built to last for countless adventures around this great land. We also offer small caravans, family caravans, and slide-out caravans, which are all included in our brochure below.

We believe every touring caravan should get you beyond the bitumen with semi off-road caravan suspension, provide maximum comfort with a queen-size bed for a great night’s sleep, and be self-contained with an ensuite and a full kitchen. 

At Snowy River, we design each touring caravan for couples or solo travellers who want to experience all that Australia has to offer in maximum comfort, whether it’s for a weekend getaway or a lap of the map.

Touring Caravans Range


Up to 2

Tow Ball (Dry): 181 Kg

Tare Weight: 1973 Kg

ATM: 2500 Kg


Up to 2

Tow Ball (Dry): 155 Kg

Tare Weight: 1966 Kg

ATM: 2500 Kg


Up to 2

Tow Ball (Dry): 164 Kg

Tare Weight: 2225 Kg

ATM: 3000 Kg


Up to 2

Tow Ball (Dry): 149 Kg

Tare Weight: 2351 Kg

ATM: 3000 Kg


Up to 2

Tow Ball (Dry): 148 Kg

Tare Weight: 2370 Kg

ATM: 3000 Kg


Up to 2

Tow Ball (Dry): 156 Kg

Tare Weight: 2634 Kg

ATM: 3500 Kg


Up to 2

Tow Ball (Dry): 175 Kg

Tare Weight: 2757 Kg

ATM: 3500 Kg

Features Inside Touring Caravans

You’ll feel right at home in our touring caravans, with a range of standard inclusions such as:

  • Reverse cycle air conditioning for optimal comfort in any condition
  • 120Ah AGM battery (2x100Ah on SRT models) for 12v power during extended camping trips
  • Stereo with Bluetooth to play your favourite holiday tunes
  • 173L fridge/freezer to keep your food and beverages nice and cold
  • A toilet and shower for keeping fresh wherever the road takes you

Features Outside Touring Caravans

Our touring caravans are perfect for those who want to explore Australia’s amazing landscapes. They come with a range of standard features, including:

  • Semi off-road suspension for tackling dirt roads
  • Good ground clearance for travelling over bumpy surfaces and uneven ground
  • Fibreglass finish for a strong, sleek and stylish look
  • Awning for providing shade and shelter from the elements
  • 200w solar panel (500w on SRT models) to keep your battery charged

Maintenance & Warranties

As a member of the Snowy River Caravans family, we take pride in providing peace of mind that you have made the right choice. You will find our friendly staff and post-sale team are ready to help if you have any concerns with your new caravan, even while travelling Australia.

Because our caravans are built for the future, we offer an extensive 5-year structural warranty and 2-year factory inclusions warranty on new vans for the original purchaser, so you can be assured of your investment in a Snowy River Caravan is covered. For more information click here.

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