Welcome to the Snowy River Caravans Brand Ambassador program, a venture designed to accommodate explorers from all walks of life! Whether you are a solo traveller, a vibrant couple, a family with little adventurers or teens, or a retired couple seeking serenity, we invite you to join our exclusive community of Brand Ambassadors. Experience the ultimate Australian getaway in a Snowy River Caravan and inspire Aussies with your tales of adventure, tranquility, and bonding.

Program Highlights

Complimentary Snowy River Caravan
Enjoy a Snowy River Caravan of your choice for up to two years, free of charge. Perfect for any traveler from solo adventurers to families and retired couples.
Earn Monthly Income
As a Brand Ambassador, receive regular monthly payments, turning your travel adventures into a rewarding experience.
Compensation for Each Trip
Earn additional income for every journey you undertake, incentivising and rewarding your exploration and storytelling.
Join Our Community
Connect with fellow travel enthusiasts, share experiences, and inspire others with your adventures across Australia.

Snowy River Caravan Brand Ambassador Perks

You will be entering into a year-long, paid partnership with Snowy River Caravans. This opportunity includes collaborating with the Snowy River Caravans brand, making appearances on our social media channels and website, attending exclusive events, interacting with industry experts, and getting a firsthand look at our newest caravan models.

Complimentary Use of Caravan

Embark on your adventure with a caravan from our premium fleet for a month or more, outfitted with all modern amenities.

Exclusive Access

Gain entry to scenic caravan parks and camping sites, offering a canvas of Australia's unparallel natural beauty.

Meet Industry Experts

Connect with industry experts and renowned travel bloggers at exclusive Snowy River Caravan Events.

Creative Freedom

Craft your narrative with complete creative control, showcasing your journey through a unique lens.

Give Back

Enjoy exciting discounts and offers on future caravan rentals as a gesture of appreciation for your collaborative effects.

Alumni Perks

Once you're in, the perks keep coming, even after your yearlong partnership is up, you'll still have access to training, brand events, local meet-ups, potential campaign opportunities and more.

How to Join

Step 1 - Submit Your Application

Share Your Portfolio showcashing previous travel content, along with a brief proposal of your planned caravan journey.

Step 2 - Selection Process

Our Team will meticulously review all applications to select candidates who resonate with our brand ethos and vision.

Step 3 - Embark on Your Journey

Once Selected, Brand Ambassadors will receive a caravan for a month or more to kickstart their exciting adventure