New vs Used Caravans - Which One is Right for You

There’s no better way to see this incredible country of ours than caravanning. The open road takes you to places and memories you will remember for the rest of your life. But you suspect this already, don’t you?

You’re already interested in buying a caravan; the lifestyle of exploring new places and moving on to the next adventure is exciting; you just can’t decide whether to go new or used.

There are multiple factors to consider before you decide one way or another.

One of the first is what kind of tow vehicle you’ll need. If you haven’t wrapped your head around caravanning weights, check out our complete guide to towing weights.

An advantage of buying a caravan from a good dealership is they often check to make sure you can tow it.

After that’s sorted, the best advice we can offer is to work out your long term plans with your van. Are you planning to go on one big trip and then sell it? Or are you buying the caravan you plan to keep for years or even decades?

Having a good idea of where you want to go and how long will help you set a budget since resale may be a factor.

For most people, caravans are a lot of money and given the number of options on the market, knowing what price you’re willing to pay will narrow things down significantly.

Used Caravan


Used caravans can be an excellent way to try out the caravanning lifestyle. If you don’t like it and decide to sell it shortly after you bought it, you might get the same price back that you paid.
Like cars, a used caravan depreciates slower than a new caravan. The price of used caravans also follows new prices as people will compare a used van to a new van with the same or similar specs.
A used caravan might come with mod cons you wouldn’t otherwise choose but end up loving, like a surround sound stereo that plays the soundtrack to your getaway when your Bluetooth speaker runs out of battery.

A used caravan is usually available in days or weeks, depending on whether you buy privately or through a dealership.


There’s always a chance a used caravan has been stolen or written off in the past.

When you buy a used caravan, you could be inheriting hidden issues. Some of the worst-case scenarios are a warped chassis, a leaking roof, and water damaged frame. Buying a new caravan avoids these risks and gives you the option of going back to the manufacturer in case of any issues.

When buying used, factor in higher insurance premiums than new vans.
Finance companies are less inclined to offer finance on the older the van and sometimes charge a higher interest rate.

5 Quick Tips When Buying a Used Caravan

  • If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. There could be a reason the owner means to sell their van fast and cheap.
  • Buying a used caravan in good condition could cost significantly more than the same van in average or poor condition.
  • Find out how much the same or similar model would cost new if possible.
  • Buy a respected brand. There are hundreds of manufacturers, and they are not all created equal.
  • Ensure all the appliances work, especially the bigger ones like the fridge, air conditioner, hot water service, etc.

5 Quick Tips When Buying a New Caravan

  • Do your brand research. Caravan World awarded Snowy River Caravan of the Year 2022, which is the second time we’ve won, thanks to our outstanding value for money and build quality.
  • Look through reviews and testimonials for good after-sales service.
  • Make sure the repair network covers the areas you want to travel to.
  • Some options can be fitted aftermarket but will almost always cost more than the factory.
  • Check the resale value of the van you plan to purchase by searching online for the same model a few years older.