Caravan Electrical


The electrical wiring and technology that goes into manufacturing a modern caravan would surprise you. A caravan electrical system is no longer some simple 12V wiring, but a sophisticated battery management system that draws power from multiple sources and maintains your batteries during travel, use and storage. It is perhaps fitting that even in this high tech world 12V remains the caravaner’s best friend. Snowy River utilize their Eco friendly solar system with 12V AGM deep cycle battery storage and a multitude of low draw 12v appliances, LED lighting and multiple power devices, to offer you a stress free remote travel experience. These diagrams show what electrical items are included with a Snowy River Caravan.


12V power is drawn from the vehicle during travel via your caravan socket. The solar system and battery management system (BMS) will charge your batteries via an Anderson connection to your vehicle whilst in tow. If you are on a powered site the BMS will use the 240V source to replenish your batteries. All works are carried out by our licensed electricians and certified to AS 4177.5-2004 Caravan and Light Trailer Towing Components and AS/NZS 3001:2008 Electrical installations. For more details visit: