ABCO Caravans - Coffs Harbour

ABCO Coffs Harbour has been selling and servicing caravans on the Central Coast of NSW for 21 years and have built an enviable reputation for sales and customer service.
UNBELIEVABLE’ Right from the very first communication until going above and beyond the call of service… They say a business is only as good as your worst employee…well, absolutely everyone at Abco were fantastic and they all worked as one well oiled team unit. No wonder you’ve been in business 21 years.
-Tony Cassidy

Auswide Caravans & RV’s - South Nowra

Since 2014 Auswide Caravans have been a leader in new caravan sales along the South Coast of New South Wales.

If you’re a newcomer in the world of caravanning or an experienced veteran, you’ll find all the information you need to help you choose the right caravan for holiday adventures.

I found the staff very helpful and friendly I would recommend them to anyone keep up the great work.
-Grant Roy

Auswide Caravans & RV’s - Morisset

Auswide Caravans & RV’s have two conveniently located caravan dealerships in New South Wales and have developed a reputation as a trusted dealer in new caravan sales.
Very helpful staff, friendly and knowledgable.
-Janet Swarz

Newcastle RV Super Centre - Beresfield

The team at Newcastle RV Super Centre are passionate about their work and committed to ensuring that you have a first-class experience from our first time at the dealership, through to the ongoing servicing of your new caravan.

Great equipment and really good staff if you are interested in a caravan this is the place to go.

-Mark Hill

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Caravan Sales NSW

So you’re looking for a caravan? That it’s not an easy decision, which is why Snowy River Caravan sales are handled by the best caravan dealers in NSW.

With a wide range of caravans to choose from, you’re sure find the perfect fit for your next Australian adventure.

Small Caravans For Sale NSW

Looking for a small caravan with big features?

These caravans are easy to tow, don’t take up a lot of storage space, and have all the creature comforts of much larger vans.

Imagine travelling to all your favourite destinations in Australia in complete comfort without having to tow something huge. Now you can.

View our range of small caravans for sale in NSW today and find the perfect model for your next trip!


Up to 2

Tow Ball: 158 Kg

Tare Weight: 1691 Kg

ATM: 2500 Kg


Up to 2

Tow Ball: 166 Kg

Tare Weight: 1833 Kg

ATM: 2500Kg


Up to 2

Tow Ball (Dry): 203 Kg

Tare Weight: 1903 Kg

ATM: 2500 Kg

Touring Caravans For Sale NSW

Ready to explore Australia in style?

Our touring caravans are perfect for couples who want to see the country at their own pace.

Imagine waking up each morning in a new location, surrounded by the beauty of nature. With a Snowy River Caravan, that dream can become reality.

Check out our range of touring caravans and find the one that’s right for you!


Up to 2

Tow Ball (Dry): 181 Kg

Tare Weight: 1973 Kg

ATM: 2500 Kg


Up to 2

Tow Ball (Dry): 155 Kg

Tare Weight: 1966 Kg

ATM: 2500 Kg


Up to 2

Tow Ball (Dry): 164 Kg

Tare Weight: 2225 Kg

ATM: 3000 Kg


Up to 2

Tow Ball (Dry): 149 Kg

Tare Weight: 2351 Kg

ATM: 3000 Kg


Up to 2

Tow Ball (Dry): 148 Kg

Tare Weight: 2370 Kg

ATM: 3000 Kg


Up to 2

Tow Ball (Dry): 156 Kg

Tare Weight: 2634 Kg

ATM: 3500 Kg


Up to 2

Tow Ball (Dry): 175 Kg

Tare Weight: 2757 Kg

ATM: 3500 Kg

Family Caravans For Sale NSW

Planning your next family holiday?

Caravanning is the dream for most Australian families and is the perfect way to see everything this beautiful country has to offer

Imagine all the unforgettable memories you’ll create together as a family – from swimming in crystal-clear lakes to watching the sunset over red dirt deserts.

We have two family layouts to choose from, so take a look at our range of family caravans for sale in NSW and get one step closer to that holiday you’ll talk about for years.


Up to 4

Tow Ball (Dry): 161 Kg

Tare Weight: 2248 Kg

ATM: 3000 Kg


up to 5

Tow Ball (Dry): 149 Kg

Tare Weight: 2340 Kg

ATM: 3000 Kg


Up to 4

Tow Ball (Dry): 226 Kg

Tare Weight: 2714 Kg

ATM: 3500 Kg


up to 5

Tow Ball (Dry): 190 Kg

Tare Weight: 2810 Kg

ATM: 3500 Kg

Slide-out Caravans For Sale NSW

Ready for a new adventure in absolute comfort?

Then travel in style with a sleek, modern slide-out caravan. These come a slide-out section that creates more space in your caravan for a more comfortable holiday.

Imagine enjoying an amazing view after a long hike, then coming back to your caravan and relaxing on your club lounge. You can have all it all with a slide-out caravan.

Click below to learn more about our slide-out caravans today!


Up to 2

Tow Ball (Dry): 162 Kg

Tare Weight: 2557 Kg

ATM: 3500 Kg


Up to 2

Tow Ball (Dry): 152 Kg

Tare Weight: 2616 Kg

ATM: 3500 Kg

Pop-Top Caravans For Sale NSW

Snowy River will soon be releasing a range of pop-top caravans! Follow the link to register your interest.

Multi-Terrain Caravans For Sale NSW

Snowy River will soon be releasing a range of multi-terrain caravans! Follow the link to register your interest.

Why Choose Snowy River for Your New Caravan?

Snowy River Caravans are committed to becoming industry leaders, which is why we build high-quality caravans at such a competitive price. We then back these caravans with a 5-year structural and 2-year manufacturers warranty and first-class customer support. We have also won several industry awards and are RVMAP accredited.
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If you want more information about our range just fill in your details below and we’ll send you our latest brochure.

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