James Courtneys’ Family Trip from the Sunshine Coast to Townsville

For James Courtneys’ 42nd birthday present this year we lent him and his family a double-bunk SRC-22F family caravan for a 1100 kilometre trip from the Sunshine Coast to his next race in Townsville.

James and his 12-year-old son, Cadel, 14-year-old daughter, Zara, and his fiancee Tegan, all had a blast, this was their first ever trip in a caravan! The family of four are expecting a fifth addition later this year, so they’ll probably need a triple bunk caravan option of the SRC-22F on their next trip.

The SRC-22F was perfect for them with the kids having their own bunks, James and Teagan having a queen-sized island bed to share, and a roomy ensuite with a separate shower and toilet that came in handy for bathroom breaks on the road, which are features across our range of family caravans.
The Courtney clan picked up the SRC-22F from Green RV’s Sunshine Coast dealership on the 29th of June and after a thorough handover, they drove out with big smiles on their faces.
Even though James had never towed a caravan before, Green RV’s expert team had walked him through everything from safely hitching and unhitching to setting up the caravan for a night’s stay, and James left, confident he now knew what to do.
As the excited family drove the 3 ½ hours to Bundaberg, James was surprised by how simple it is to actually tow a caravan. The key things to remember are to use your tow mirrors, check the wheels of your caravan are between the lines and take wide corners from the outer lane. As Snowy River caravans aren’t as wide as most caravans, and James is a professional driver, this took no time at all to adjust to.
They soon reached their first stop at Splitters Farm, which is a 160-acre sanctuary for farm animals that can no longer be cared for and Australian native animals alike. Located just 10km north of Bundaberg CBD this made for a perfect base camp.
During their 2 night stay, they made friends with strangers, baked some damper, fed the farm animals, rode billy carts, and ate s’mores around a fire pit. They also went on a few tours around Bundaberg, including one to Bundaberg Brewed Drinks.
Before long it was time to hit the road again, this time for a quick stop in Agnes Water and Town 1770, which are well known for their rolling surf breaks, calm inlets in secluded beaches, and beautiful forests. After that, it was back on the road for another 3 ½ hour drive to Yeppoon for a 2-night stay.
The idyllic Yeppoon is one of Queensland’s best-kept secrets. The great weather, pristine beaches and crystal clear waters make it an ideal destination for caravanners looking to escape from their busy lives back home. There are heaps of family activities in Yeppoon like checking out Australia’s Southern Great Barrier Reef, cooling down by the lagoon, or visiting the Kraken “0-depth” Water Playground.
Then it came time to wind up the stabiliser legs and hitch up the caravan again, this time heading towards the infamous Airlie Beach for another 2 night’s stay. After nearly 6 hours on the road, the Courtneys were keen to relax and leave the adventuring for tomorrow.
Airlie Beach is a popular tourist destination for seeing even more of the Great Barrier Reef, fishing charters, and of course, visiting the Whitsundays, a tropical paradise of 74 islands just 55kms off the coast of Queensland.
Finally, the trip was coming to an end and it was time to pack up one last time and head to Townsville to prepare for the NTI Townsville 500 race, where the SRC-22F would be on display.
During their stay in caravan parks up the coast, James was surprised by how many people recognised him and came to say hello and show their support. Some of them were even on their way up to Townsville to watch the race.
James’ family lost phone service for a lot of the driving throughout the trip, so it wasn’t always super exciting for the teenage kids, but it was nice to see them off their phones and looking out the window, and there was so much great countryside to see. It was also nice to be in close quarters with the kids because they’re usually in their rooms or off seeing friends.
James has always been into getting outdoors but doing it in a caravan has proven how much he values the easy life. With bunk beds for the kids to sleep in, a separate shower and toilet, a queen island bed and an inside kitchen, it’s pretty luxurious camping.
So this won’t be the last time James and his family go caravanning. One trip in a Snowy River was all it took to catch the caravan bug!